AVUS (Anti-Virus Update Service) is a small utility for Windows working in background, which does scheduled updates to the well-known AVG Free Anti-Virus 2011 (it also works on version 9).


New Version 2.0 available. What's new?


Download the latest version.

Why an utility for AVG Anti-Virus

The free version of AVG Anti-Virus does not allow users to schedule updates of virus file definition as they like. Updates are scheduled only one time at the start-up or can be done manually. Since threats from the net are many, it is important to keep your Anti-Virus software always up to date. This is possibile by doing updates more times a day. However, as a manual operation, this is not being done usually. Moreover, it can also occur that at the start-up, internet connection is not active and, therefore, the Anti-Virus remains out of date until users do updates manually. This utility has been developed just for doing what users would do manually by scheduling automatic and daily updates as preferred.


This utility is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence version 3 (GPLv3).


- Making scheduled updates as preferred in background;

- Manageable through a notification icon in the taskbar;
- Two languages supported: English, Italian;
- Possibility of installing new languages easily.

About the author

This utility was developed by Andrea Bonfiglio, (C) Copyright 2011. Please report any suggestions and bugs to the following